Seasonal Driving

Barber Vintage Motor Museum Lotus Racers

Auto Museums: Take A Fun Detour Into History

History, speed, engineering, technology, a glimpse of the past and a peak at the future.

No matter where your wheels take you this summer, there’s probably a local auto museum with an interesting story to tell.

The Trail Less Traveled: National Park Bike Adventures

You’ve got your vehicle inspected, added a bike rack and checked out the weather forecast. Now you just need to have a destination and information about local places to stay.

The National Park Service oversees a host of trails for beginners and advanced riders within convenient travel distance no matter where you live in the 50 states.

Family hiking: Letting dog be your guide

One North Carolina native believes she has found a way to unlock the beauty and wonders of nature to America’s internet-crazed youth.

For Ellen Eastwood the answer lies in four paws and a discriminating nose. Her guidebook, “The Trail Hound’s Handbook, Your Family Guide To Hiking With Dogs,” teaches kids how to have fun in the wilderness with man’s best friend.