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Drive In The Holidays With New Tires From Quick Lane

Travel safely this holiday season with a new set of tires from Quick Lane. Take advantage of the Black Friday Tire event going on now through December 3, 2020.

Choose your set of 4 tires from the top brands and receive a $100 rebate or earn 40,000 Ford Pass Rewards points to be used toward future services.


See the Quick Lane Service Advisor for details.

Watch For These Common Autumn Brake Problems

There’s less margin for error on winter roadways, making a reliable set of brakes more important now than any other time of year.

Learn why now’s the time to get your brakes inspected, no matter where you live.

Leave Common Tire Problems Behind This Fall

Riding around on improperly inflated or out-of-balance tires is just plain frightening. It can lead to all sorts of scary stuff.

Find out what can happen to tires exhibiting bad behavior.


Important Post-Summer Service Tips for Your Vehicle

Summer driving takes a toll on vehicles, even if your vehicle was grounded during stay-at-home precautions. Small issues that may have been annoying during long summer days become critical on those long autumn nights. .