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Hitting The Road For Decadent Chocolate

What’s not to like about chocolate? It’s aphrodisiac, a late-night indulgence and (this time of year) a symbol of affection.

Here's where can you find the best of the dark stuff.

Breathe Easier With New Cabin Air Filter

Just like your home, your vehicle has a air filter that needs routine replacement.

The cabin air filter is essential for delivering clean air to passengers. When was the last time it was inspected and replaced?

Stay Warm On Those Cold Winter Drives

The coldest days of the year equals numb fingertips and that pins-and-needles sensation on your ears the second you walk outside. Check out some accessories that can help keep you warm on those chilly winter drives.

Best National Parks For Winter Adventure

Unparalleled beauty, historic significance and invigorating outdoor adventures await at National Parks across the country.

But which parks are at their best during winter?

Are your tires safe? Take the penny test

Everything in your car—including its ability to stop, avoid road debris, handle wet surfaces and reduce road noise—rides on the quality of the tires. They are the lowest common denominator in vehicle safety.

A View From Your Seat: National Parks

There are national parks meant for hiking and camping under the stars. And there are destinations with grand views for drive-through tourists.

Here’s a list of stunning national parks for harried travelers.