Treat Your Eyes To Cleaner, Brighter Headlights

Just like prescription glasses hone your vision, a pair of clear, bright headlights will sharpen your visibility and improve your view of the road.

Headlight bulbs can dim over time as the bulb ages. There’s also instances where the bulb itself is fine, but the headlight’s plastic case is hazy. Cloudiness reduces and diffuses the amount of light going through the lenses, meaning less visibility while barreling down that supposedly empty highway late at night.

But why do headlight cases get cloudy? The simple answer is oxidation.

Years of intense ultraviolet rays from the sun can degrade the polycarbonate or plastic housing the headlight. The rays create pockmarks and imperfections in the material, which oxidizes and becomes cloudy.

This haze can sometimes be removed at home or by a professional. Ask your service advisor or trusted car care expert about headlight restoration kits.

Below, SYLVANIA Automotive offers some tips and insights about headlight care:

Always replace headlights in pairs. Since headlights dim over their lifetime, a new bulb paired with an old bulb will create an uneven field of vision for drivers, which can be a major distraction for both you and other drivers.

Invest in high performance headlights. If there is an object on the road, high performance headlights can help drivers react sooner. Any upgrade above a basic headlight replacement can help to create a better, safer experience for the driver.

Consider cost, lifespan. High performance Halogen bulbs emit almost as much light as Xenon HID bulbs but have a shorter lifespan. Standard Halogen bulbs are the least expensive bulbs but have the longest lifespan and provide lower light output.

Alignment matters. Are the cones of light coming from your headlights cock-eyed? Ask your service advisor to check direction of the beams and make necessary adjustments.

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