Test Your Trivial Knowledge on All Things Harry Potter

Muggles around the world are no doubt wishing fantasy author J.K. Rowling a happy 50th birthday in July.

Rowling’s ultra-popular “Harry Potter” series has sold more than 400 million books worldwide and has spawned a plethora of merchandising from clothing to video games to toys.

Her books inspired eight films that have grossed more than $7 billion worldwide. The 2011 “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” pulled more than $1.3 billion--the fourth highest-grossing film of all-time.

Whatever her birthday includes, driving isn’t likely to be part of her plan. Rowling admits in interviews that she hasn’t driven herself in years. Yet, she still has a few significant connections to the automotive world.

The Harry Potter series includes an enchanted Ford Anglia that can fly and become invisible. Her version of the vehicle embraces fantasy on every level. She gives the ultra-compact car massive storage capabilities while still comfortably shuttling up to eight passengers.

Her automotive connections exist in the real world as well. Rowling’s father worked as an apprentice-engineer for Rolls Royce in Bristol, her birthplace.

How good is your grasp of Harry Potter trivia? Take the following quiz in honor of Rowling’s birthday:

1)   What is the shape of Harry Potter’s scar?

A.      Star

B.      Asterisk

C.      Pentagram

D.     Lightning bolt

2)   What is the first spell Harry Potter used?

A.      Levitation

B.      Lighting

C.      Healing

D.     Invisibility

3)   What happened to Harry’s parents?

A.      Killed in an alley after a night at the theatre

B.      Shot by an armed robber Harry failed to stop earlier in the day

C.      Killed by mobsters

D.     Killed by Voldemort

4)   How does Harry open the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets?

A.      With an enchanted key

B.      Speaking Parseltongue to it

C.      Sheer will

D.     It’s unlocked; no one ever checked

5)   What the reporter’s name that Harry encounters throughout the series?

A.      Rita Skeeter

B.      Stephen Colbert

C.      Murphy Brown

D.     April O’Neil